Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Clean side of going green....

I taught myself cold process and hot process soap making…..both very interesting in their own ways, the cold process did not trace for me as I thought it should but hardened all the same, and the hot process went as planned, and was cut the same day, mere hours later. I have made (so far) honey and oatmeal (cold process) and clove with cocoa for color, (hot process) both hopefully will be used as part of my Christmas gifts this year.
They were both quite easy to do, the most time I suppose was involved in the measuring of the various oils, and the diluting of the lye....that was a lot of suck.
I did the cold process mixture of lye in the house. Bad bad bad idea, made me dizzy and ill and just plain irritated because I knew I should have done it outside. Living in a PMQ however, in your yard mixing chemicals that react to include a smoke coming from the pot....funny looks lol.

Anyways, I did both processes, cold, I did over the stove and hot I chose to do in the crockpot. Hot definitely went smoother, I also used a hand blender to speed the trace so maybe that's the key in both processes.
I will be making more as soon as I get ahold of more coconut oil solid..its hard to come by in Fredericton, as far as I know anyhow.
My next soap I want to make is with Sweet Orange essential oil, and on top, before the soap sets, place blood orange slices on it, for decoration.
Will be so beautiful, in my mind anyways.


  1. Yes, you'd probably have the RCMP at your door wondering why you're mixing chemicals...
    The soap looks good, and it looks like you're leaning towards the hot press.Look forward to see the Blood Orange soap.

    Pursehappygal form "I Want More Blogger Followers" Swap

  2. your honey and oatmeal soap sound yummy (almost want to eat it)

    This is cindykl from swap-bot and I am following you now.

  3. I always prefer CP over HP as I almost every time burn my HP (don't have a crockpot). Coconut oil do I usually buy at Asian stores.

    Viola @swap-bot

  4. This looks loveley! TheMuseFactory from swap-bot. You make me want to shower, again!

  5. I love making soap too! It sure does take some practice. JoAnn (Ozsomenurse) Swapbot Swap

  6. Just popping in from ♥I want BLOGGER followers♥ (beth619) How cool! I have a friend who makes goat's milk soap. I LOVE it! And I've ALWAYS wanted to do this, but I have neither the time nor the patience! ;)

  7. I always admire people who make soap...I would make a gigantic mess of it!

    gypsymouse on swap-bot