Friday, January 22, 2010

mmm Hamburger Buns

I am always trying to cut things off my grocery list, and make them at home. I mean I have the breadmaker....why not use it as often as possible right? Well I found a kickass recipe.....molded them best I could "imagine" and there they were baked nice and goldeny brown.
I was so impressed with myself!
So were my boys who fought over them for their lunches the next day. They were in fact made not for hamburgers that night but for pulled pork sandwiches. Yummers!



  1. They look good, you should share the recipe.

  2. Were they cheaper than buying them at the store? Or maybe close to the same price? I'd love to try them. I don't have a bread maker.. never made any bread lol. Maybe that'll be next on my list of gadgets to buy.

    Sadie @