Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another one off the list

I don't think I will be purchasing mayo commercially again. I honestly had no idea it was this simple to make it at home, with minimal ingredients....and ingredients I could control and tweak as I pleased.

This is a garlic mayo, I tried for my first time, would go amazing with a baby red potato/egg salad....which I just may have to make this weekend.
The dill I am growing will make a wonderful addition as well. The nice thing about doing it from home, NO CHEMICALS....you need to be extra aware of letting it get warm mind you, but as a fresh right there alternative, its top notch.

I used a mere 1/4 tsp of my homemade garlic powder and the taste is phenomenal, would also make a great dip for sweet potato fries if you add a touch of basil to the mayo.

I am quite proud of myself .....
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  1. I love fat-free mayo... do you think there is a way to accomplish that at home as well?

    Sadie @ nelliebugs-swaps.blogspot.com

  2. Wow, from perusing your blog, I can quickly guess that your talents are vastly more spread out than mine. I'm in awe.

    Regarding the mayo, do you happen to know how long homemade mayo can last?

    Btw, this is BrandiAM from swap-bot. :)