Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spring is a comin'

I can feel the Spring in the that I have officially stated that, we will get a dumping of snow I am sure, but it won't never lasts.....
Today I started the garden indoors....first time for everything and this is a year of new beginnings for sure. I planted cilantro, habanero pepper, beefsteak tomato, arctic tomato, onion, dill, name a few.
I hope to get the garden tilled as soon as the thaw hits. We have to get an order or two of landfill mind you, we have to landscape a front lawn too.
Its a wonderful feeling, to know you have your own land to work with.
Sunflowers will be going in the back to the side, as well as 3 wildflower/rock gardens are in the plans too.

This is going to be an intense experiment on my part, as I have nowhere near a green thumb but one step is a step closer to being more self sufficient.

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