Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Simply on Board.....Simply BRILLIANT

As any parent will know and come to loathe, its the pick me up game. You know what I mean right. The baby drops it...and you pick it up again, and again, and again. At home I have no problem with that game, its fun, we make it silly, and for the most part my floors are clean enough to eat off (I reiterate..MOST) When we are out, on the other hand, its a pain in the butt. I have to find a place to wash off said toy, or whatever it was he couldn't hold on to for too long. I had a chance to review a toy strap recently, and although I have owned straps in the past, they don't always measure up to MY standards.
My standards, probably are the same as your standards. 
  • The strap needs to HOLD the toy, more than one type of toy, bottle, whatever the case may be.
  • The strap MUST be long enough for him to get the toy if fallen, but not long enough that he can somehow wrap it around his neck (always the paranoid)
  • The fastening mechanism MUST hold. Some snaps/or loop and hook enclosures just don't measure up after use. 
  • It HAS to look nice, please...
Simply on Board, a Canadian company I might add, developed a brilliant product. I love it. Its such a simple strap but sooo versatile. I can attach the straps to anything and believe me I have tried lots. His jumparoo, his highchair, the moby wrap, my ergo, you name it, I have attached something to it. The one toy Arik is fond of at the moment, is his Sophie and this strap wraps around the thin neck PERFECTLY and still has lots of space for him to latch onto, to gnaw on.
I am in love with the designs, nothing too flashy, I like a black/white pattern for a lot of his attire, garb whatnot. (Note all his cloth nappes are black with white snaps...very sharp)
I am ordering a few more straps, so I can leave them in those spots that I would normally forget to have something to latch a toy to, its not feasible for my poor tweens to keep bending over in a moving vehicle to retrieve a crumb/hair covered toy. ew.

Simply on Board is available in packs of two with four colour options: black, green, blue and pink. One solid and one polka dotted strap because there is no need to compromise style for sensibility. Price $9.99.

Visit to find a local retailer.

I know this is NOT the clearest, but Arik and his Sophie...via the Simply on Board toy strap <3

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