Thursday, June 2, 2011

Baby led...first day on the job

Well not really the first day, Arik has had organic teething biscuits for about a week, plus snippets of this and that off my plate. Crumbs of bun and cheese mostly, but he seemed interested. Last week he stole a fry off my plate, I was going to let him see what he thought of it but he dropped it before he had a chance. Oh well, plenty of time for that.
Last night was his first real meal, in his highchair. We prepared (I prepared) broccoli, some halved blueberries and some brown rice. He was interested in mushing it with his hands but that was about it. Oh and he sampled the broccoli a few times, the reaction was priceless to say the least.

Arik's first real BLW meal

This is my first attempt with BLW, as the tweens were fed mush and baby cereal from about 4 months. I am not responding to all the voices who whisper to give him food to help him sleep through the night, for they are not in my shoes. I want Arik to get all he can out of being a baby..and if that means me nursing every 2 hours (as it has for the past few days) then so be it. 
Has anyone else done BLW...if so, what were your experiences?

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