Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Paperless reading. Yes please

In my home we're green. Well we're at least as green as we can be for that day, but one thing I do prefer is less waste of paper. I don't get the newspaper, I read my news online, I get a few magazines, which I hold onto and donate to schools for art projects. I recycle as much as I can possibly stuff into my little recycling box etc etc.

What I do not have is an e-reader. Although I would love one, it has just not been in my budget, what with 3 children and a husband who all need much more than I would need that beautiful toy.
I would however be willing (ready ABLE and willing even) to product test one for my fave marketing group Bzzagent. Over the years I have gotten to try out various cool products but this by far has to be the most awesomest!
I can definitely see myself reading a lot more often, and I can see it being a wonderful learning tool for my youngest (8.5 months).
Fingers crossed!!

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