Sunday, August 7, 2011

My laptop issues.

This is a branch of the norm for me but I have to post this for those Mamas out there who are in love with their portable facebook devices....yes, your laptops.
The last 12 months, during most of my pregnancy even up til now, I have gone through 3 yes THREE laptops. All met the same untimely death as the other. Coffee. I have a nasty nasty habit of sitting my coffee on the couch next to me, heaven forbid I should have to reach or anything while chatting right.
Well, I am thankful that not only is my husband a tech and can fix almost any issue (minus the damage all the sugar in my coffee has) but he is a patient patient man as well.
I am a lucky lucky woman.
Oh and this picture I am posting below here, is a good laugh, its for a FutureShop facebook app, painting myself red. Its for a chuckle or 3 and a couple of giftcards too (makes for good stocking stuffers for your tweens!!)

Painted myself red with BE0027!! haha

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