Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ahhh...catnapping in the Ergo

Finally some sun, some real good old fashioned squint your eyes and feel the warmth sun. Oh how long this Winter has been, too long in fact. I certainly hope it doesn't rear its ugly head once I push the submit key however.
Arik enjoyed his sunshine walk today, it made him drowsy but he loved it anyhow. I have a few wraps and carriers, a homemade Mei Tai, my Moby (LOVE IT) and of course my staple....the Ergo. I am still getting used to the Ergo as Arik is just 4.5 months now, and according to my husband I have odd shaped shoulders (really??) but the more I practice the better it is, I even tried him on my back (I know I know) in the kitchen the other day and he was happy as a lark for almost 45 minutes...which is good, considering he doesn't like to be worn in the house.
I am looking into getting myself an organic Ergo, as the one I bought off a friend, although is perfect enough, I would like a newer model, something to take me into toddlerhood.

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