Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cloth wipes....now THAT'S a solution!!

I was so stoked to work with cloth wipes, bought from a few sources (my fave being a two-sided bamboo velour/cotton)....what I couldn't wrap my mind around was how I was going to keep them moist. I read so many different techniques. Pre mixing a spray to sit on the change table and mist upon use, but that seemed tedious, wetting from the sink...ya in the middle of the night, not an option lol.....
What I settled on was a wipe warmer, they work great...but which solution. I had one I tried, it had shea butter in it, smelled good...but after a day or so the wipes started to feel slimy. One word. Gross. That wouldn't work at all for me.
A dear friend bought me some Monkey Doodlez wipe cubes. They smelled so FRESH...nothing worse than a musty smelling wipe, sitting in plain tap water......
I pop a couple in a few cups of hot water, let them melt and then pour over a pile of wipes sitting in the warmer.....that lasts a few days almost a week if wee little Arik has been holding back on the poop....which he does from time to time.....All I do is rinse out the wipe warmer when I am ready to add a new batch of solution...I MOST DEFINITELY recommend these to anyone who is thinking of converting to cloth wipes. I have hardly made a dent in my container of cubes but am planning on buying more as soon as I do. And on a plus note...my other two babes have had rashes before, not to say that it was a cause of a commercial wipe, or the perfume perhaps....but Arik has yet (knock on wood!!) to have a bum rash, and they work great on his face/hands first thing in the morning....
Arik is starting swimming lessons in the next little while. Time to find me a reusable swim diaper...I wonder if my diaper covers would work??
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